At the Espace Thermal in Dax in the South of the Landes, we offer you treatment at the Thermes des Arènes, an approved establishment for cures in Rheumatology and Phlebology without leaving the Residence.

For a cure in rheumatology, the Arènes thermal bath offers the following treatments:

Manual application of thermal mud on the joints designated by the medical prescription (temperature from 38 to 42 ° C). It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects

This treatment follows the application of the peloid for postural toning by performing a deep massage of the muscles and joints. It has a relaxing and analgesic effect.

This treatment has an analgesic action and improves mobility.

Mixture of thermal water and DAX THERPIN (components from pine) is sprayed in an individual cabin on the painful areas, with an analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.

A thermal water bath with pulsed air bubbles for a relaxing and sedative action with softening of the tissues.

Immersion in thermal water with massage by pressurized water jets from the side walls of the bathtub for a relaxing action of the muscles.

Underwater jets in the swimming pool, with variable directions and pressures, perform a deep massage of the muscles and joints for a relaxing analgesic action.

These are small ovens (hands and feet) in which a stream of thermal water vapor circulates with the benefits of an analgesic action and improved mobility.

In a swimming pool equipped with support devices, all the joints work thanks to exercises led by a physiotherapist. The result is relaxation and muscle toning, maintenance and recovery of range of motion.

With a balm based on thermal water, it is performed by a State-certified physiotherapist, and allows the softening of the tissues and the reduction of aches.

Thermal water is used for its diuretic, laxative and detoxifying action. On medical prescription you can drink 1 to 4 glasses per day.

As for the phlebology cure, here are the treatments provided by the Arènes thermal bath:

This stroll in the thermal water swimming pool is carried out in immersion up to the waist. The floor of the swimming pool, covered with roughness, massages the arch of the foot. Pulsed air jets provide a light massage. This treatment activates venous return, drains venous stasis and tones.

The lower limbs are immersed in a thermal water bath charged with carbon dioxide. This treatment is beneficial for reducing edema, improving tissue trophicity and arterial microcirculation.

A threadlike shower of thermal water is directed towards the lower limbs to improve functional disorders (heavy legs, tingling) and reduce cellulite infiltration.

Provided by a state-certified physiotherapist, it promotes a draining action through the application of a thermal massage balm.

To relax all the muscles, this immersion in thermal water has a massaging effect thanks to pressurized water jets coming from the side walls of the bathtub.

This immersion in a thermal water bath, traversed by pulsed air bubbles, has a relaxing and sedative action, facilitating the softening of the tissues.

1 to 4 glasses of water per day have benefits on your body (diuretic, laxative, detoxifying action).