About us

The Espace Thermal of Dax has been, above all, a family affair for more than 35 years now.

Indeed, the director of Espace Thermal is Mrs. DANGOUMAU Nathalie, daughter of Roland Bérot and niece of Jean-Louis Bérot, founders of Thermes Bérot.

The year 1984 marked the opening of the first residence, “Les Arènes”. It was not long before the Residences “Lac 1” and “Lac 2” built in 1986 and 1989 respectively.

In view of the enthusiasm for thermal cures, the Espace Thermal has opened its own restaurant to offer to its customers with accommodation, care and catering on site.

A family saga that continues in early 2020, by bringing together these different establishments under the Coeur Thermal brand.

Our team

L'équipe Espace Thermal
  • In the management, Nathalie DANGOUMAU, in the accounting department, Magalie.

  • At the reception, Laure, Cathy and Emily will advise and accompany you.

  • At the Cleaning Service, spread over the 3 residences of Arènes, Lac 1 and Lac 2, you will meet Florence, Lucienne, Marie-Hélène and Angéline.

  • For maintenance and for any troubleshooting, Jean-Michel is at your entire disposal.

  • A smiling professional team for your spa stay

The Espace Thermal team reflects what its management wishes to convey: family spirit.
Indeed, our team has remained unchanged for more than 10 years.

Dax, spa town

Dax, in the south of the Landes, a nationally renowned spa town, in Gascon (Dacs), is a must-see town for all archeology enthusiasts, bringing together several excavation sites and remains in the surrounding area.

In the heart of the Landes forest, Dax, a veritable tourist town, enjoys an exceptional location, close to the mountains and the ocean. Known for its spa activity, Dax is also famous for its rugby team, its August feria and its gastronomy.

The “Espace Thermal” of Dax in the South of the Landes now invites you to its haven of peace where harmony rhymes with conviviality.

By coming to the “Espace Thermal”, you will discover Gascon culture as calming as it is dynamic, you will find a warm welcome and discover unmissable traditions.

Take care of yourself and find a smile in the South of the Landes at the Espace Thermal.

Don’t hesitate to go directly to the Dax Tourist Office website for information on the spa town itself.


The thermal baths (originally thermae which comes from the Greek adjective “hot thermos”) is a concept of Greek origin that the Romans subsequently evolved considerably.

Indeed, the first thermal baths were private and it was not until the 1st century BC that the public baths appeared with the Romans. Mainly used for personal hygiene and body care, the Roman baths represented both necessity and luxury.

The use of water for medical purposes dates back to 3000 years BC (in Greece, Italy, Egypt).

It was not until 25 BC. J-C to see the real thermal baths appear. The Romans will spread their uses to the borders of the empire and the cure will be offered to the bravest soldiers upon their return from the countryside.

Legend has it that a Roman centurion one day abandoned his dog stricken with rheumatism when he left for the countryside, and on his return he found his animal completely cured. This is how the thermal spa of Dax was born and the thermal baths appeared.

Charlemagne then Napoleon the third will be major promoters of hydrotherapy and the spa towns will over time become important resorts.

Located in the heart of the Landes forest, Dax has also become, over the centuries, a spa resort with unfailing fame.