Scoop on kitchen freely.
Les Landes is a renowned department for its gastronomy where local products are constantly being honored .


In his restaurant L’Espace Thermal, Vincent the Chef ensures that every meal is a moment of conviviality.
This great lover of fresh products attempts to change these recipes with the seasons.
You will have the freedom to enjoy everything that makes you happy. You can choose the formule “stay half board” or “ full board” or” à la carte” to suit your cravings, eat at a restaurant with views of the park or in the comfort of your studio. Vincent also proposes to introduce you to local products making you participate in the traditional cutting of the duck.
On arrival, we will give you all the
menus for the 3 weeks of your stay so that you can anticipate your tastings.


The Chef Idea

To whet your appetite, the chef offers a workshop around the duck’s breast.
Take your time to choose a breast with a beautiful size more than 400grammes (first condition for choosing an adult duck).
Once the part selected, carefully degrease a thin layer of breast.
Make a first skin side for 5 minutes coloring. Once 5 minutes have passed, turn the duck for 5 minutes extra cooking.
Flavor not too much then place it in the oven for 8 minutes at 160 °.
Book preparation wrapped in aluminum foil.
Let all repose same time as the cooking about 18 minutes in all (5 minutes + 5 minutes + 8 minutes).
Serve and mainly treat yourself