You have chosen your spa?
Now choose the thermal doctor who will follow you during your 3 weeks of treatment and who will be your medical interlocutor during your spa treatment, especially for your care in rheumatology, Phlebology, or Fibromyalgia.

The thermal doctor, in view of your medical file and health check carried out upon arrival, establishes prescription appropriate to your case, namely care of Rheumatology, Phlebology, or fibromyalgia. Be they generalists or specialists, all doctors are empowered to follow you during your spa treatment. They are attached to no particular Spa and you will be received by appointment.

You can access the complete list of Spa doctors on the website of the Office de tourism of Dax.




Enjoy a personalized and planned stay that combines pleasure and spa treatments in a tourist residence directly related to the thermal baths. You can enjoy spa treatments offered by the Spa « Thermes des Arènes » which offer cure in rheumatology, Phlebology and fibromyalgia.

The Spa lasts three weeks or 18 days of care. Care take place from Monday to Saturday and are taught by qualified medical team, fully at your disposal.

Rheumatism, arthrosis, arthritis, heavy legs, venous insufficiency, phlebitis? As many diseases treated by the Spa through a competent and friendly team.

For you and your entourage, L’Espace Thermal also offers health stays health stay based on hydrotherapy treatments and mud treatments. An excellent way for you to discover or rediscover the benefits of hot springs of the first thermal city of France and like this, live a time combining both relaxation and well-being.

To ensure absolute comfort, the residence of the Spa is directly related to the « Thermes des Arènes ». So you can follow your treatment of Rheumatology, Phlebology, or Fibromyalgia or simply benefit from the treatments at our health stays downstairs in bathrobes from your studio without ever leaving the Spa residence. A significant comfort!