With the advent of alternative medicines and their beneficial effects on health , L’Espace Thermal and Les Thermes des Arères are always anxious of welfare of its spa-goers want to focus on these new trends and incorporate them into their program traditional health cures rheumatology , Phlebology and fibromyalgia.

Spa treatments taking place in the morning, the proposed activities are scheduled during the free time of our hydrotherapy namely afternoon of the week.


Relaxation therapy, fibrothérapie, dietary studios


Optionally , you will find relaxation therapy sessions provided by a relaxation therapist warned that will help you fight against your pain differently . You will also have the opportunity to participate in our sessions fibrothérapie or more commonly called gymnastics. Dietary workshops and discussion groups are also established to better support our spa guests because we never repeat enough health and wellness starts with what we put on our plates . Finally, you can enjoy our privileged to introduce you to our walking routes in the pond of the Estey .
A stay under the sign of relaxation and well -being!