What are the dates of opening of L’Espace Thermal?

The Residence of L’Espace Thermal will be open from February 23, 2013 to December 07, 2013.

How should I proceed to book my spa?

As a first step, it is necessary that you book your accommodation. For this, you must first determine the dates to which you would like to make your stay. Once, the accommodation chosen, you can register in the Spa of your choice. Finally, you must take an appointment with a spa doctor on the Dax station for the day of your arrival. This doctor will your follow-up during the cure and you will write the order to care before the start of your treatment.

Who can prescribe a spa treatment?

This is your doctor who prescribed you the Spa

Can a spa treatment support for a health insurance plan, have a duration of less than 18 days?

So that it is supported by social security, the Spa must be for a period of 3 weeks (18 days of care because care Sunday).

Is it possible to split the Spa into several parts?

No, for your spa is supported by social security, it is necessary to be of 18 consecutive days.

Must the Spa start a Monday?

In fact, if you arrive on Sunday (or Saturday), you need to start your cure Monday morning. On the other hand, you can also arrive on Thursday and in this case you can start your care on Friday morning.

The Spa takes place in the morning or in the afternoon?

In our spa, care take place only on the morning of the Monday to Saturday.

Care have also held the holidays?

Yes you also care holidays.

What is the best time to do a thermal cure?

It is up to you to determine the date of departure of your cure. We would like to let you know that the periods of attendance for the spa are the months of September and October.

At what point should we pay the Spa?

The cost of cure settle the last Thursday of your stay at the reception of the spa « Thermes des Arènes ».


Are the Spa « Thermes des Arènes » supported by social security?

Yes, the « Les Thermes des Arènes » have approval for rheumatology, Phlebology and more recently fibromyalgia.

My support is dated to the month of November, can I use it for a priest the following year?

In this case, your support is well valid provided that it is carried out before the end of March. Support of the month of October or November is valid for the current year and the first quarter of the following year. When it is the month of December, it is valid for the following year.

Can I use my support in your station while it mentions the name of another thermal station?

No, the station of Dax’s name must appear on your support.

Is my support valid for a stay of fitness?

Your support is valid only for a cure for 3 weeks and not for a stay of fitness. Where you want to make a healthy stay, you will need to submit to the home of the baths a medical certificate of your attending doctor.


Can I choose my spa?

No, it is the thermal doctor of the station that will determine the care you do 3 weeks.

The baths provide me bathrobes and towels for the cure?

For the cure, bathrobes and towels will be provided to you the day of your arrival with a deposit of €67 per person (this includes a set of 2 bathrobes and 2 towels).

What should I bring for my spa?

Here are the accessories you’ll need for the Spa:

– A swimsuit

– Swimming Cap

– Anti slip bath sandals in order to circulate in care units


Could I start my spa if I haven’t seen the doctor from the Spa?

No, it is necessary to have seen a spa doctor before starting your treatment because he will prepare your order for care that you must present at the reception of the baths during registration the day of your arrival.

I am a priest in dual-orientation. Should I see 2 thermal doctors?

This is not necessary. You can see one doctor for a dual-orientation.

Is there a doctor attached to your institution?

No doctor is attached to our hotel, however there are some thermal practitioners moving directly in our studios.

Can you advise me a spa doctor?

You have to choose your spa doctor yourself.


Is the Residence of L’Espace Thermal integrated to the baths of « Thermes des Arènes »?

Indeed, the Residence of L’Espace Thermal is directly related to the thermal establishment allowing you to during your thermal stay directly down robes from your studio.

Is linen provided?

We provide you with the sheets (a change is at your disposal in the studio) and towels when you take a package catering during your stay. In all cases, you will need to bring your own towels and towels for the kitchen.

When should I pay my rent in L’Espace Thermlal?

The rent must be set the first Wednesday of your stay.

When I will complete my stay, can I make a booking for the following year?

Yes L’EspaceThermal offers its clients during their stay to make a pre-reservation for the following year.