Dax, first spa town of France, in gascon (Dacs), is a key city to visit for the lovers of archaeology with its several places of excavations and remains in the surrounding area.

In the heart of the the pine forest of the Landes, Dax, city of tourism, enjoys an exceptional situation, located near the mountain and the ocean.

Known for its thermal activity (first spa town of France), Dax is also famous for its rugby team, the feria of the month of August as well as its gastronomy.

L’Espace Thermal invites you now in a haven of peace where harmony is synonymous of conviviality.

Soothing and dynamic, you will be immerse into the Gascon culture, you will find a warm welcome and discover essential traditions.

Take care of yourself and find again your smile in Landes inland at Espace Thermal.

Feel free to go directly to the Dax Tourism Office website for more information on the spa town.

The baths « Thermes » (thermae originally coming from the Greek word “thermos” warm) is a concept of Greek origin that the Romans have considerably evolved subsequently.

Indeed, the first baths were private and it is only in the 1st century before J-C, that open-air appeared with the Romans. Mainly used for personal hygiene and body care, Roman baths represented both the necessity and luxury.

Using water for medical use dates to 3000 years before our era (in Greece, Italy, Egypt).

We must wait 25 before JC to see the actual baths. The Romans spread their usage to the borders of the empire and the treatment will be offered to the most valiant soldiers upon their return from the campaigns.

Legend told that a Roman centurion abandoned one day his dog crippled with rheumatism during his start in the campaign, on his return he found his pet completely healed. Thus was born the spa town of Dax.

Charlemagne and Napoleon III will be major promoters of balneology and water cities will become over time important places of resort.

Located in the heart of the Landes forest, Dax is also become a real spa over the centuries, and remains the first spa town of France.